Our Story

Hot Yoga Largo opened their doors in 2011. We are a simple no frills studio without the competitive student atmosphere. We created a studio that allows the instructor to teach what they love. There are no supervisors / managers telling them how or what to teach. The instructor passionate atmosphere is the key to our longevity. Life is not static, nor or we. We utilize the Mind Body scheduling software that will track every aspect of your visits. We offer infrared and radiant heating. A wide variety of classes and instructor personalities so everyone can find the perfect class. We have maintained the lowest pricing for a heated studio in our area. Several of our students have become successful instructors and many students have seen life changing results. From professional athletes to surgeons and grandmothers we are certain you will find a welcoming community of students. We lock our doors within three minutes of a class. Late arrivals are not allowed entry unless pre-arranged. Want to see a different class or a new class time? Let us know HotYogaLargo@gmail.com