4 Steps to Creating a Yoga Habit

4 Steps to Creating a Yoga Habit

Ways to Create a Healthy Yoga Habit

Yoga can be one of the most spiritually rewarding exercises, but it’s not always easy to begin your journey as a yogi. It takes time to practice and patience. Carving out time in your already hectic schedule can seem impossible. Where will I find the time? Where do I even begin? Follow these 4 steps to begin your journey to creating a healthy yoga habit.

Make Yoga a Routine!

Scientifically speaking, it takes 21 days of repetition to create a habit, good or bad. So why not start today? Getting yourself into the mindset to do anything can be a challenge, let alone getting yourself to do something as exhausting as working out. By giving yourself a routine you trick your mind into thinking you want to complete said activity because you’re just so used to doing it, it almost becomes second nature. Make yoga your second nature! Begin with carving out just 30 minutes in your schedule every day for three weeks. You don’t always have to work out during this time, maybe just focus on breathing. By creating the time every day, you slowly begin to show yourself you really do have the potential to get this done and you can make it into a healthy habit.

Create a Reminder

Sometimes keeping track of your own life can be a little too overwhelming. Who wants to add more to their schedule when they’re already overwhelmed? Setting reminders on your smartphones or tablet can give you that little push you need. No one wants someone nagging over their shoulder to get something done, whether you nag yourself or someone else has the pleasure of doing it. But having those little reminders on your phone could be that little push you need to get up off the couch and onto the mat. You were motivated enough at one point to create a reminder, why not now?

Reward yourself!

Everyone loves being rewarded after a job well done. Who says you can’t treat yourself? Start with your little accomplishments, taking the time to track your breathing, -reward yourself with a smoothie. You finally made it to a class? Buy yourself some new leggings. Positive reinforcement can do wonders on the psyche while trying to create new habits. Start small and let the rewards grow! Always remember, any progress is good progress, never feel as if you’re not practicing enough quickly enough. Everyone moves at their own pace.

Practice Everywhere

Sometimes it’s not yoga itself that’s too overwhelming, it’s having to leave your house and go to a studio. You don’t have to be in a traditional studio to reap the benefits of practicing yoga. It’s often as simple as laying a mat down in your living room and practicing a few poses or focusing on your breathing. Sometimes practicing in front of others can be daunting. Try going to serene isolated locations, the beach a quiet park you can start anywhere!

Whether you are looking to try something new and take a yoga class for the first time, or you’re experienced and want to brush up on your skills- come take a look at what Hot Yoga Largo has to offer. We can help you create a healthy yoga habit you’ll feel great about! We also offer beach yoga sessions and workshops for all experience levels. Check it out today.

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