1. Remove Your Shoes – Since people will be walking around the studio barefoot, it is most hygienic if everyone takes off their outdoor shoes first thing.

2. Turn off Your Cell Phone – Make a habit of doing this as soon as you get to the yoga studio.

3. Arrive on Time – Arrive at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start.

4. Respect the Teacher – When you enter a yoga class, you sign on to respect the teacher for the next hour and a half. You may discover halfway through the class that you don’t care for this teacher, style, or hour of the day. But you still should continue with the class, follow the teacher’s instructions, take your Savasana, and chalk it up to experience.

5. Keep Variations Appropriate – Keep in mind the level of the class you are attending. If it is an advanced class and some of the poses are too hard, it is fine to take a more basic variation of the poses being taught.

6. Restroom – Go to the bathroom during resting poses – It is fine to leave class for a few minutes to go to the bathroom: There is no need to ask the teacher’s permission.

7. Savasana – Don’t Skip Savasana! Your final relaxation in Savasana is an important part of your practice. Don’t plan to leave class early. If you must, tell the teacher in advance and take a short Savasana before you go.

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