“The Omni Gym™ will take your exercise routine to a whole new level, and for those of you who currently do not have a routine, the swing will create one! The overall effect of striving to maintain one’s balance, equilibrium & awareness while performing yoga, weightless fitness or aerial dance on the swing forces the complete integration and use of our total neuro-muscular-skeletal system. In other words you will not only get more physically fit and dexterous but cerebral functions will benefit as well.

It actively recruits far more brain neurons, motor cells, and muscle fibers than any ground or water exercise can possibly do thus creating increased neuronal pathway movement. As well as benefiting cerebral functions, regular exercise and play on the swing tones and balances the smaller stabilizer and secondary muscle groups for even greater neuro-muscular re-education and re-patterning.”


Check out our class schedule to sign up for Aerial.

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