Our Hot Yoga Studio is conveniently located in Largo and we offer classes at a variety of days and times to accommodate your schedule. Please check our calendar to view available days and times. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

If you have a Groupon deal please refer to our promotions page to find how how to redeem your voucher and what to do before your first class.

If you are planning to take part in a hot yoga class then be sure to wear very little clothing and use your own mat and towel. You will need these because you will sweat a great deal. It is also important that you keep from becoming dehydrated and therefore, drink plenty of water before your class begins and after the class. Our skilled yoga instructors will make your hot yoga class enjoyable and beneficial. Come visit our hot yoga studio in Largo, FL and feel the benefits of hot yoga!


New to Hot Yoga?
Read These FAQs to Get Started…

What is the difference between basic yoga and hot yoga?

In a basic yoga classes you will have a gentler pace of poses that include stretches and the poses are generally done on a mat. Read more…

What should I bring to my Hot Yoga class?

You should bring your own yoga mat, a towel, plenty of water to drink, and very light weight exercise clothing. We do offer mat and towel rental as well as water for purchase. Read more…

Who should take Hot Yoga classes?

Anyone interested in burning calories and becoming more flexible is encouraged to take hot yoga classes. Read more…

Hot Yoga Etiquette

  1. Remove Your Shoes
  2. Turn off Your Cell Phone
  3. Arrive on Time
  4. Respect the Teacher
  5. Keep Variations Appropriate
  6. Use the Restroom as Needed
  7. Don’t Skip Savasana!

Read a complete explanation of each item above here.